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Dog finder

Approximately 3.3 million dogs enter U.S animal shelters nationwide every year. Dog finder is a mobile app that connects rescue dogs with potential owners. The project was created during four months and the work included concept development, user research, ideation, prototyping, testing & visual design. Main focus was to work with an agile process as a full stack UX designer.

About the project

  • There are still too many dogs up for adoption.
  • People are afraid of rescue dogs and are not sure what kind of dog suits their lifestyle.
  • A mobile app that connects the user with the right dog for their lifestyle.

User Research

    Goals & assumptions
  • Connect dogs with potential owners and create more adoptions.
  • Owning a dog demands money, time and activity. The assumed persona is an active and urban young adult.
  • I interviewed users about their behavior, needs and thoughts around getting a dog and adopting from a shelter.

Framing the problem

  • My assumption was that users knew what dog they wanted. I was wrong. I kept hearing from users that they wanted a dog but were not sure what kind of dog suits their lifestyle.
  • When talking to users about adopting a dog, most of them expressed a fear of getting an aggressive rescue dog.
  • I kept hearing over and over again how users felt that the adoption process was complicated and they did not know who to trust.


  • From the user interviews, I could identify two main personas.
  • Lonely Linda, 28
    Linda works and live in San Francisco. Most of her friends have dogs and she has been wanting to get one herself. She enjoys being active during the weekends, exploring the city or going on road-trips. Not knowing much about dogs, she is not sure what dog suits her lifestyle.
  • Scared Sarah, 35
    Sarah lives with her husband and two kids in Portland. They really want a dog and have been talking about adopting one from a shelter. However, Sarah feels hesitant to get a rescue dog because she is afraid that the dog will be aggressive, especially with kids.

Exploring ideas & concepts

After synthesizing the user interviews and clarifying what problems the product is going to solve and for who, I used value prop to place the personas in their environment. After sketching the user scenarios I could identify what to focus on.

Created low-fidelity wireframe and a first interactive prototype for testing.

User Testing

Did user testing on my first low-fidelity wireframe. In the first round of user testing, I tested the task of saving a dog that they might want to adopt. Users had some difficulties understanding what would happen when they "liked" or "disliked" a dog.

Can I only pick one dog or several?

- Douglas

I want more information about the dog.

- Claire

Are there more dogs I can choose from?

- Karolina


The solution

  • With an interactive onboarding, the app learns about the users and connect them with a dog that suits their lifestyle.
  • Watching the dog on live-stream directly in the app helped the user to feel more confident and helped create a desire to book a meet-up.
  • Swiping between dogs and having a third-party communicating with the shelter helped with the overall adoption process.

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