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Cafe GROT is specialized in making fast and healthy food for breakfast and meals in between meals. GROT is a mobile app that solved the problem of long lines and finds additional income sources.

About the project

  • Being limited to a single location, their goal is to build software that enhances the customers experience and inscrease sale.
  • Users are tired of standing in line and wants to be able to order faster. Also, users need to have food ready for the whole family.
  • An app that lets the users order food in advance and have it ready when entering the cafe, as well as being able to choose home-delivery.

User Research

    Goals & assumptions
  • The goal is to understand users and solve their problems with software.
  • In order to solve the problems, I needed to understand the customers and what problems the product should focus on.
  • Based on my assumptions, I wrote a script and interviewed people about their behavior and needs.

About the users

  • Identified two main personas.
  • Karla, 32
    Karla works as an art director in New York City. She is dedicated to her career and outside of works she likes to be active. She works out every morning and pick up breakfast on her way to the office.
  • Greg, 55
    Greg works as a lawyer in San Francisco. He works long hours and lives with his wife and two kids.
    " As a busy art director and fitness enthusiast in New York, I want to order my breakfast and have it delivered when I get to the cafe, so that I do not waste any time standing in line."
    " As a busy lawyer and father of two living in San Francisco, I want to make sure that there is always healthy breakfast and snacks in the kitchen, so that my children can eat breakfast and snack when I am not home."

The UX challenge

The UX challenge was to create an application with two main flows in mind, ordering online for pick-up in the store and ordering home-delivery. Also, the application has two main personas with two different approaches. The first persona, Karla, is ordering one meal at a time for herself, while Greg who is a father, is ordering home delivery for his family for the whole week. The challenge was to create a flow that solves the problem for these two different approaches in a smooth and user-friendly way.

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