Road helps you find the perfect cycling routes when exploring a new city.

All images & illustrations are original content created by Rapha or other sources.

Road by Rapha is a school project from my time Academy of Art University. I decided that I wanted to build a digital product for Rapha—a cycling brand that I truly admire. The project spans product thinking, visual design and user research.
About the project
  • Problem
  • How can Rapha extend their digital presence?
  • Insights
  • There is unused potential in Rapha's ability to provide local city guides.
  • Solution
  • A city guide application that helps cyclist to find routes while traveling in a new city.

While going through Rapha's current digital presence, there was an opportunity to dig deeper into their current video guides (edit)


  • Charlotte the cyclist, 25
    Charlotte is a very enthusiastic cyclist who has been cycling for over 10 years. She is a member of Rapha's cycling club and enjoys watching the city guide videos to discover new places to travel to.
  • Thomas the Traveler, 30
    Thomas is an active dad who loves to travel and explore new places. He is a recreational cyclist, but does not necessarily bring his bike while traveling. He is not a member of Rapha's cycling club, but would consider joining.
Exploring ideas & concepts
Low fidelity wireframes
Final UI