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About the project

  • How can we introduce more people to cycling?
  • What makes people excited about cycling is not only the physical aspect, but the passion for exploring new places.
  • A mobile app that focuses more on the journey and exploration rather than the performance.

Final UI

User Research

  • The goal is to introduce more people to cycling and grow the cycling community.
  • My assumption was that the easiest users to convert to cyclists are people who are already active.
  • I decided to interview active people who might be interested in cycling.


  • From the user interviews, I could identify two main personas.
  • Beginner Cyclist Charlotte, 25
    Linda just started cycling for a recreational purpose and getting out there on the road with friends. She knows very little about the sport and wants to learn more about what routes are good for her in her neighborhood. She enjoys traveling and would love to be able to bike on her travels without bringing her own bike.
  • Runner Robert, 30
    Robert is a frequent runner who enjoys trying new things. Cycling has always been on the top of the list but he never had the chance to actually do it. He does not know where to start.

The problem

  • Users expressed that cycling is an expensive sport and that's one of the reasons they don't do it.
  • Talking to users, they said that their time is limited and it is too time-consuming to do cycling.
    Finding routes
  • Users expressed a problem around finding routes. Their main concern was finding routes where they could explore and enjoy the view.

Exploring ideas & concepts

Value prop concept sketching

After synthesizing the user interviews and clarifying what problems the product is going to solve and for who, I used value prop to place the personas in their environment. After sketching the user scenarios I could identify what to focus on.

Flow diagram

Created a service blueprint to map out the journey for the user.

Flow diagram

Low-fidelity wireframes

Created low-fidelity wireframe and a first interactive prototype for testing.

Low fidelity wireframes

The solution

    Save money
  • The cost of cycling as well as difficulty traveling with a bike was a reason users they did not do cycling. Easy access to bike rentals and having a place where people could sell their old road bikes in the app solved this problem.
    Easy access
  • Users said that it was hard to access routes suited for their level and how much time they had. Being able to find routes based on duration that other people on a similar level had done helped the users.
    Customized routes
  • The biggest motivations start cycling was to explore new places. Being able to share photographs and videos from the routes helped users feeling excited to get out there themselves.

Final UI